• CLOTHING: try to avoid tight fitting clothing.  Especially if you are having a Bikini or Brazilian.  No tights or skinny jeans.  This will make you feel much more comfortable.  It will stop you having irritations.
  • EXFOLIATE:  After 3 days you can gently Exfoliate. I recommend Exfoliating every other day to minimize ingrown hair.  You can use a sugar scrub, exfoliate glove to prevent buildup of dead skin cells.  This will also allow the hair to come through the skin when it appears again.
  • AVOID: Scented lotion, scented oils or Alpha hydroxy products for 48 hours.  Think of your skin as if you have caught a little too much sun.  Don’t use any thing that has alcohol in it.
  • NO: Activities that may rub or scratch your skin.  Swimming pools, Sunbathing, Tanning beds, hot tubs, or hot baths.  Your hair follicle is still open.  Wait 24 hours before doing any of these.



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