Sugaring Benefits


With only three ingredients. Sugar, Water and Lemon Juice.

This all-natural hair removal is used at room temperature or can be warmed up to make it softer depending on the area of the body its being used on.

First thing to do when being sugared is to cleanse the area. This is done by using an all-natural cleaner. Then to dry the surface with a special all-natural powder. Then the sugaring can begin.

Sugaring paste is applied with a ball of paste and then molded onto the skin.

It is applied in the opposite direction of hair growth, allowing the paste to seep into the hair Follicles, loosening the hair so as it can be extracted gently and completely.

The hair is removed in a flicking technique in the direction of hair growth. This is less painful and less chance of breakage of the hair.

In some sugaring areas there maybe a need to use a strip to remove the hair.

Sugaring is a natural Exfoliate and removes one layer of skin, leaving your skin fresh and glowing. Waxing exfoliates more layer’s vs sugaring so there is a lot more chance or ingrowing hair.

Sugar solution doesn’t stick to live skin cells. So, there is no pulling harshly on your skin, so less discomfort involved in the sugaring technique.

You will also notice you will not be as red.

Clean up after sugaring is so easy as it is water soluble. So just a wet cloth and away it goes.
Clients that try sugaring never go back to waxing. Why would you when you have this all-natural amazing product.


Sugaring paste is 100% natural (You can even eat it).

It is not hot, so won’t burn your skin.

Its is water soluble. Easy clean up.

Doesn’t damage your skin as it doesn’t stick to live skin cells.

Doesn’t cause hyperpigmentation of the skin
Less breakage.

Natural Exfoliate, that removes one layer of dead skin cells.

Slows hair growth down, with proper maintenance.

Sugaring can be done every 3-6 weeks depending on your hair growth patterns.

Get your sugaring done in the first stage of hair growth, then the hair root (bulb) is smaller so less painful and removers easier.


Anagen: The Growth Stage

This is the first stage of hair growth, where the new hair is produced.
This is the best time to get your sugaring done.

Catagen: The Falling out stage

This is the second stage of hair growth. Hair grows up and detaches from the bulb. When is detaches from itself it no longer receives blood supply or nutrients or pigment. The hair will look dull and unhealthy.

Telogen: Final Stage

This is when the hair is at its fullest size. It is completely erect in the follicle. Hair will show above the skin. This is the full growth from the dermal Papilla to the surface of the skin.



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