Sugaring FAQs

What is sugaring?

Sugaring is an all-natural hair removal process, like waxing, but the paste is made from three simple ingredients: water, sugar, lemon juice.

How long should my hair be?
1/8 – 1/4 of an inch. But also, not crazy long.
Can I have sugaring done if I have Eczema / Psoriasis?
Yes, you can, and in some cases, it will enhance the skin.
Will hair grow back darker or courser?
Hair will grow back lighter and finer.
Will maintaining sugaring slow my hair growth down?
Yes, it will as regular sugaring will damage the hair follicle and discourage hair growth. (I have had my underarms done since I was 13 Years old. I have about 4 hairs on there and you can’t even see them)
Does it hurt?
If you have been shaving your whole life, then your hair is thick and course. The hair root is large, as it has never been pulled out. It is in stage 3 hair growth cycle. You want to get into the removing your hair at stage 1. So yes, the first time does hurt. Sorry I am a very honest person!!!! By your third sugaring, your hair will be slowing down and become finer. My clients have told me that the first time is the worst.
Sugaring vs Waxing pain levels
My clients that have got waxed all say that sugaring is less painful. Once they try sugaring they never go back to waxing.
I am getting married, when should I start sugaring?
Sugaring should start at least three months or even more before your wedding day. This allows the hair growth to get into the same growth cycle. Also, to get your skin use to it. The worst thing would be to have a Brazilian before your wedding and then on your wedding night your skin is red or sensitive. Well that would be fun at all.
Can men get sugared?
Yes of course. Men just like women like to get their hair removed and be smooth just like us. Don’t us women want our men nice and groomed!!!!



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